What Energy Cost Advisors Can Do For You

Utilities can be a significant source of operating expenses at many organizations. They also tend to be regarded as “fixed costs” in the sense that little can be done to lower these expenses without incurring major capital outlays. For many organizations, that’s simply not true.

The reality is that cost-free options often exist that can materially reduce what an organization pays for the kilowatt hours of electricity or the decatherms of natural gas it uses. If the right expertise is applied, these and other utility services can be effectively managed like any other operating input.

  • Have you reviewed your organization’s utility bills for electricity, natural gas, water, and sewer recently?
  • Do you know what all those line items mean and, more importantly, are they accurate?
  • Are you aware that many times there are alternatives from the utility companies that can provide lower costs immediately without making any outlays?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the financial assistance that is being offered at present by many serving utility companies to keep your costs low and your organization competitive?

The professionals at Energy Cost Advisors can help you answer these and other pertinent questions. Our focus is on billing issues and opportunities. We want our clients paying the lowest possible amount for the utilities they need. We accomplish this through two basic service options: Utility Account Audit and Utility Account Management.

Utility Account Audit (UAA)

A single, point-in-time review of designated utility accounts to determine if (1) any billing errors have occurred over the recent past for which refunds would be due and (2) any opportunities exist to reduce costs going forward.

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Utility Account Management (UAM)

A comprehensive, ongoing service primarily for organizations with large utility budgets and/or multiple facilities in different geographic regions. The primary benefit of this approach is that all utility accounts are managed by a single source of responsibility at all times throughout the entire organization.

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