Energy Cost Advisors provides professional utility cost services through two basic service packages: Utility Account Audit and Utility Account Management. Both are designed to identify refund and savings opportunities associated with utility bills. The principal difference between the two is that the Audit is a one-time review of billing data, whereas the Management function is an ongoing service that continually oversees the client’s electricity, natural gas, water and/or sewer accounts.

Utility Account Audit (UAA)

Utility Account Audit is a single, point-in-time review of designated utility accounts to determine if (1) any billing errors have occurred over the recent past for which refunds would be due and (2) any opportunities exist to reduce costs going forward. The following steps are included as part of a typical UAA assignment:

Utility Account Management (UAM)

Utility Account Management is a comprehensive, ongoing service primarily for organizations with large utility budgets and/or multiple facilities in different geographic regions. The primary benefit of this approach is that all utility accounts are managed by a single source of responsibility at all times throughout the entire organization. Emphasis is placed on monitoring utility usage and minimizing costs subject to management’s risk tolerances and environmental preferences. This service starts with the above Utility Account Audit to determine a baseline for all utility accounts at all locations. The accounts are then continuously monitored against this profile to keep management apprised of specific performance issues and opportunities to reduce costs. Typical activities associated with a UAM assignment include:

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