How It Works

Not all organizations have savings opportunities associated with their utility bills. Based on ECA’s experience, about half the companies whose bills we review do have savings opportunities, half do not. But there is never a charge to find out which half your company represents.

All we need is a couple of bills from the electricity and natural gas accounts you want checked, typically a summer and winter invoice will suffice. From that we are usually able to determine if no opportunity exists. In that case, the client has confirmation that he has not been overspending for these key operating inputs.

If there is a possibility of cost reductions, we will request a more complete array of billing information, and begin a more thorough review. Our analysis will identify and attempt to quantify areas of potential savings. These opportunities will be relayed via a series of recommendations that will identify any costs or risks associated with their implementation. As recommendations, they can be accepted or rejected by the client. If a client accepts any of our recommendations, we handle the implementation and monitor the progress. Our compensation comes from a portion of the savings stream that is generated, leaving the client with a net positive cash flow right from the start.


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