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Energy Cost Advisors(ECA) is unique in the marketplace. From the services offered to the emphasis placed on clients and their needs for meaningful savings, we stand apart from other energy consultants, as evidenced by the following attributes:

Unbiased Advice

ECA is an independent energy/utility consultant that offers unbiased advice based strictly on what is best for the client, no hidden agendas.


The analysis we perform often leads to the identification of a number of savings opportunities. These opportunities are presented to the client as a series of recommendations that are implemented only with the client’s approval.

Focus on Billing Data

While energy consultants share a common goal of reducing their clients’ energy bills, they accomplish it through two distinct methods. One group focuses on energy consumption (demand) issues, while the other group specializes in energy costs (supply) to reduce expenditures. We fit into the latter category where our emphasis is on making sure our clients are paying the least amount for every kilowatt hour of electricity or MMBTU of natural gas they use. Our field of operation is the utility bill, not the factory floor, as we search for hidden savings opportunities, such as billing errors, alternative rates, third party supply options, hidden line item penalties, etc.

No Capital Outlays

Unlike the consultants who focus on demand and consumption issues, our recommendations seldom require any outlay of capital for implementation. In addition, the savings opportunities we recommend can usually be identified and implemented quickly such that bottom-line results can be recorded in a matter of a month or two.

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